Tuesday, December 5, 2006

www.mymwalimu.org Site News: Looking for Volunteers

Mwalimu: Swahili word for "teacher"

When I founded My Mwalimu, my mission was to assist students and instructors in Information Technology by providing free interactive tutorials and free information such as links to other free tutorials. I chose the word Mwalimu to honor a Zambian friend of mine who used to call me that because I taught at post-secondary institutions.

Currently, the site is completely self-maintained. I'm funding the site, designing and developing the site, and designing and developing the tutorials. While I don't mind doing this, it gets difficult to frequently update the site. Therefore, I'm asking for help. I'm looking for volunteers with one or a few of the following skill sets:

  • Marketing and SEO skills

  • Training and tutorial development

    • Currently, I'm looking for tutorial development skills in IT subjects, although in the future, I would like to find tutorial development skills in mathematics and foreign language

  • Flash development skills

  • PHP skills

  • HTML and CSS skills

  • Technical writing skills

I know what you may be thinking: why should I help, and if I do help, what will I get out of it? There are a few things that you will "get out of it":

  • Your profile increases because you will have published work

  • You will have more work to add to your portfolio to help build your career

  • You will be helping other IT professionals, particularly students and teachers, enhance their education without breaking the bank

In 2007, I would really like to see this site grow. I'm currently working on getting a non-profit status so I will be able to get more funding for the site, since donations will be tax-deductible if the site has a non-profit status. I would also like to expand from the IT community by providing free tutorials to mathematics and foreign language students.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to donations@mymwalimu.org. Put the word "Volunteer" in the subject, and indicate what you would like to do in the body.

Thanks for your time and best regards,
Jennifer Lewis
Founder, My Mwalimu

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