Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yes, it's been almost two years since I posted!

The reason why I stopped posting was I had a consulting position, and one of the conditions of the position was I couldn't post on the blog or make training videos independently. Now I can start posting and making videos again.

And now for the change - I've decided to concentrate my posts and training about SharePoint, and since my posts will be specializing in SharePoint, I've created a new blog called SharePoint by Mwalimu. You can find the blog at

Although I will no longer be posting on this blog, I will still leave it up since there are still a lot of posts that get accessed to this day (especially the SharePoint posts!). I'd like to thank those who have Mwalimu's Corner in the past, and for those SharePoint professionals, please visit the new blog, SharePoint by Mwalimu, at

Kwaheri marafiki!