Monday, November 27, 2006

Even Royalty Is Getting In The Act!

Photo Credit: The Prince of Wales Official Web Site.

Ever since the 1930s, the British royal family used new technology to communicate with the people. HRMs Edward VIII and George VI used the radio to broadcast their speeches. In 1954, HRM Elizabeth II allowed television crews to film and broadcast her coronation. In 2006, HRH Charles, The Prince of Wales, is also following the lead of his family by sharing information through blogging.

Prince Charles's Official Website:

Starting today, Prince Charles will be posting video blogs on his web site containing news and information about the royal family. His intent is to reach the youth with his messages by using a modern way of sharing information. According to royal watchers, Prince Charles wants to bypass the standard media (television and radio) and use the video blog for news releases about his family to make him appear more accessible to the people.

When I went to the web site, I couldn't find a direct link to the videos. However, I did a search on the web site and found this link:

Whether you are a royalist or a republican, I'm sure you will agree that this was a wise decision on the prince's part to use modern technology to communicate. This decision shows that his highness understands the Internet's growing role as a media outlet.

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