Friday, February 2, 2007

Random Technology Thoughts

  • Right now, I'm installing Fedora Core 5 on a Dell Pentium II 128M RAM machine. Why? I'm doing an experiment to see how Fedora Core 5 will act on an older machine. No, I'm not that big of a geek. :) I'm going to be writing an article on what to do with older machines, and I'm trying to verify some information before I write it.
    Right now, the install is very painful - I'm installing the Office and Productivity modules and some of the Development and Web Server modules. Once it's installed, I'll see how the response time is for using it.

  • Does this look like a bomb to you? How about an LED image of these characters sticking up their middle fingers hanging in various areas of town?

  • I'm reading IEC white papers about FiOS and IPTV, and the song that's popping in my head is Video Killed the Radio Star. From what I've been reading, these technologies (along with YouTube) will probably "kill" standard television as we know it. I'll be writing an article about that as well.