Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spotlight on Great Tutorial Site for Learning Telecommunications and Network Technologies:RAD University

RAD University -

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I usually teach network and telecommunications technologies in school, and I'm always trying to find ways to help the students learn the concepts without being completely bored or overwhelmed. Typically, I'll make interactive games in Flash. Unfortunately, I'm not a full-time professor, so my time to create supplemental materials is limited. While I was looking for an interactive example of IP Routing, I stumbled upon RAD University.

Created by Dr. Debby Koren of RAD Data Communications, Ltd., she and her students at Tel Aviv University and other institutions of higher education created interactive tutorials to help students understand concepts in telecommunications, data networking, and computer networking. While these subjects would generally appeal to students studying network engineering, software and computer engineers may also want to view some of these tutorials to help them develop applications for telecommunications or networking.

A complaint that I hear from some of my network technology students is the concepts about telecommunications and networking can be dry, which made it a little difficult for them to really understand it. RAD University's tutorials really make learning about telecommunications and networking interesting by providing fun, interactive exercises to help learn about the topics.

If you are interested in learning about telecommunications and networking in a fun way, or if you are an instructor looking for more exercises to help reinforce learning, check out RAD University. As an instructor, I'm looking forward to directing my students to this site.

Note: The author is not being remunerated by the owners of the RAD University website for the site review, nor does the author have any association or affiliation with the RAD University site.


Anji said...

Those tutorial sites are nice. When are you getting back to publishing your own tutorials? I miss the videos.

Jennifer said...

Hi Anji,

Thank you for the kind words about my tutorials and the others' tutorial sites.

Right now I have a few serious things going on in my personal life that's taking a lot of time. I'll share it with the readers when I'm ready.

I will get back to video tutorials soon. I also didn't want the blog to go through long periods of time without any updates, so I decided to introduce the readers to other resources while things get in order.