Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog of Interest for IT Students -

There was a blog that was brought to my attention that I found to be very interesting to job seekers. The blog is called Career Tips.

Although a number of tips are targeted for people just entering the workforce, a few of the tips posted are also very useful to people in mid-career or people who are changing careers. It's worth a read regardless of what stage you are in a career.

Granted, some of the posts are of little interest to an aspiring IT professional. For example, most IT professionals aren't interested in learning how to write a resume to get a job as a chef. However, many of the posts are relevant and informative. For example, two posts on the blog - tips for searching for a job and choosing a career - are relevant to aspiring IT professionals.

If you're looking for some advice on getting your first job in the industry or changing careers, visit

Note: The author is not being remunerated by the owners of the Career Tips blog for the site review, nor does the author have any association or affiliation with the Career Tips blog.

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