Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Networking Students: Do You Know Your Line Signal Levels?


Telecommunications and networking students usually need to learn the intricacies of cabling, such as DS-1/T1 lines. To help break up the monotony of lectures, I created a game (in Flash MX 2004) that I have the students play in class to help them learn the line information, such as the bit rate of lines and how many of the smaller lines does it take to make the line.

If you are a telecom/networking student, give the game a try!

The only reason why I didn't publish it because Flash MX 2004 is a few versions old (it's up to Adobe Flash CS4). However, if you are interested in the source, please drop a comment to this blog, and I'll publish the source.


Anonymous said...

Cool game! Thx!

mike said...

Great game. Suggestion - how about the adding the En signalling schemes to the game?