Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Historical Election Day in the US (2008)


Regardless of who wins the election, history is about to be made in the United States. We are either going to be getting our first man of color as President, or we are going to get our first female Vice-President (and our eldest elected President should that party win).

About two years ago, Professor Ed Felton from Princeton University and 2 graduate students found ways to hack the Diebold voting machines.

Election day in the United States is interesting for technology since USA has been using paperless voting machines for about 3 years now. Again, the focus of discussion on many radio and television news programs is the "hackability" the voting machines.

If you're interested in how the hack works, here is a video demonstrating the hacking:

For a little humor about hacking the voting machines, here's a funny satire video post on hacking voting machines.

I've written about this topic on the blog during the 2006 election, and the things that I've discussed then seem to be relevant today.

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