Monday, July 23, 2007

Random News Stories

Is Google Entering the Mobile Device Market
For quite awhile, there have been rumors that Google will be joining the mobile device market. The strongest rumor was Google was collaborating with French telecom Orange.

According to the news story below, Google has confirmed that they are working on a mobile device.

News Story - Europe Google Execs Confirm Google Phone

The More Things Change, The More Things Stay the Same
In the pre-technology days, kids would use educational materials, such as the dictionary and scientific magazines (like National Geographic), to look for obscene things, like pictures of naked people and curse words, just for laughs.

In today's technology age, it looks like kids will still be kids. According to the news story below, Nigerian children are using their free laptops, which are supposed to be used to assist with their education, to look at pornographic material.

News Story - Nigerian Children Using Free Laptops to View Porn

Paging Gary Kasparov...
A Canadian team has invented what they call an unbeatable version of checkers (draughts). The team claims that the best that the player can do is draw with the computer.

News Story - Canadian Team Invents an Unbeatable Checkers Game

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Hryma said...

Hi Mwalimu,
Replying to your comment, from John K's blog, 'Look what Hryma made', they're just made out of good old plasticine.
I'm glad you like 'em!