Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What does THAT have to do with technology?

This topic doesn't necessarily have to do with technology, but it is "six degrees of separation" from technology. The company that belongs to the subject of this post was the first to do Internet animation. His name is John Kricfalusi, and he is the creator of "Ren and Stimpy".

Most digitheads I know are either fans of animation, or they are amateur animators. If you have artisitic talent, John K. (as he is known), in conjunction with the AFISA, is conducting animation lessons for budding animators for FREE. All you need to do is purchase a book from Preston Blair (which is mentioned on his blog).

John K. has also entered the art world. His sketches are being displayed at the Every Picture Tells a Story gallery in California, and he also displays his caricature work on this blog. You can also purchase his sketches or have him do a custom sketch for you.

If you are interested in taking FREE lessons from a master, and/or if you are interested in commissioning him for a sketch, visit his blog at http://www.johnkstuff.blogspot.com.

P.S. I've purchased one of his caricatures, and I'm very pleased with it, especially with the "exquisite detail" on Bugs! Here is the picture that I purchased:


Ryan G. said...

Hi Jennifer.. Im always on John K's blog and I saw that you purchased a characture from him.. Im just curious how much he charges since noone seems to say how much.. Im really interested in buying one, but as a student my wallet isnt what it used to be.. just wondered if they are affordable. thanks jen.. Ryan

Marc Deckter said...

Great sketch Jennifer - thanks for posting it!

I've never heard the term "digithead" before - I like it!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Hi jennifer! Boy, I'm really impressed by your blog! You come across as someone who's kind and intelligent and who appears to genuinely care for her studemts.

I'm amazed that a techi like yourself also has an interest in art but maybe I shouldn't be. My best friend in Berkeley, where I used to live, is an engineer and when he visits he's a terrific audience for my cartoon ideas. I don't know, maybe engineering and computing attract the most rennaisance men.

Anyway, it's really fun to read your posts on the Uncle Eddie site. Your new picture looks great and makes it very difficult to imagine that you ever had vampire teeth.

-Eddie Fitzgerald

cableclair said...

OhOh! Lucky you! Is that Napoleon Dynamite I see?

Mitch K said...

Ah man! That's the one I wanted! Lucky you! Congratulations, my friend. =)